In addition to its exclusive cosmeto-light treatments, the Skin Solution Centre in Geneva offers the Iyashi Dôme, another advanced technology for your well-being. We are the only centre to offer you Iyashi Dôme in the heart of the old city of Geneva.

The Iyashi Dôme technology

Far infrared rays

It was only in 1800 that William Herschel, the German-born British astronomer, made the discovery.

For the first time, it was concluded that heat could be transmitted by an invisible form of light, that is to say neither by convection (hot air transfer) nor by conduction (propagation between solid bodies). In short, infrared rays heat objects and not the air, which holds very little heat. Far infrareds are waves of energy measured in micrometres (or nanometres) and, contrary to common misconceptions, not in temperature.

How does it work?

The user is placed in the domes with the head on the outside. The intensity of the wave is adapted according to the specificities of the person.
Iyashi Dôme simply reactivates the remedy that is already in everyone by acting on cellular regeneration and metabolism.
The treatment lasts 30 minutes, with a first part akin to sunbathing and the second part similar to an intense sports activity causing profuse sweating.
This is different from a traditional sauna where sweating is caused by thermoregulation, and the temperature reaches about 90°C.

The domes

The cells of our body are receptive mainly to infrared radiation between 4 and 25 micrometres.
In order to emit its far infrared rays, Iyashi Dôme uses 100% « MADE IN JAPAN » technology called « Black Carbon », patented in Japan and the United States and is manufactured especially for the Iyashi Dome brand, with the highest standards of quality and robustness.
In addition, another patented technology, our catalyst, was recognised as an innovation by the INPI in 2018.

This skincare unit is the only Japanese sauna whose results are scientifically proven* in 3 areas: detox, weight loss and anti-ageing.

* Studies available on request

The benefits of Iyashi Dôme

Clinical studies* published in a medical journal support the results of Iyashi Dôme on weight loss, detox and anti-ageing.

Weight loss: The heavy sweating resulting from a session of Iyashi Dôme equals that of a 20 km run. By losing up to 1,200 ml of sweat, an average of 600 kilocalories are eliminated at each 30-minute session.

Detox:  Iyashi Dôme deeply detoxifies the body by increasing the elimination of toxic heavy metals such as Strontium, Barium, Nickel, Lead, Molybdenum, Tellurium, Chromium, Cobalt, Arsenic , Cadmium, Copper and Aluminium, with particular effectiveness with regards to the elimination of Aluminium.

Where there is “detox” there are toxins. In addition to the clinical study, our catalyst has been awarded an innovation patent by the INPI, as mentioned above, dealing with the problem of toxins generated in the Japanese sauna following the elimination of toxins during sweating. The Iyashi Dôme is the only Japanese sauna on the market to be equipped with this technology.

« Detoxify inside, radiate outside »

Anti-ageing: Iyashi Dôme improves the skin’s youthful appearance, especially through the regeneration of cells. Wrinkles are softened, skin becomes smoother, firmer and more hydrated, with more luminous and homogeneous complexion. Iyashi Dôme helps fight against ageing of the skin.

Other advantages of Iyashi Dôme:
Iyashi Dôme also offers benefits in terms of sports preparation and muscle recovery after exertion, helps to improve your sleep by « detoxing the brain » (Japanese study carried out in 1980), recover from jet lag, relax deeply, and boost your metabolism.

* Available on request

Discover the benefits of Iyashi Dôme


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