SKIN’ECLIPSE: the concept


A perfect combination of an innovative device and exclusive treatments, the effect of the device developed to perfection: technology at the service of the skin.

This concept allows us to offer a real answer, not only for dull complexions, but also to intervene more generally in all age-related issues.

SKIN’ECLIPSE, a unique, modern concept in line with the needs of today’s clients who want a flawless complexion.

This patented technique allows a personalisation of care, according to the skin type (or phototype), the skin’s need, and the location of the areas to be corrected.

An unprecedented approach to restore beautiful and natural skin, without makeup, without artifice, with a harmonious complexion. Care that can be given 365 days a year, even during the summer period. Exclusive technology that extends to all the problems of anti-ageing. Tailored care, respecting the specificity of each skin type to achieve ideal results.

The technique

The solution developed by Skin’Eclipse combines the techniques of traditional medicine and alternative medicine. It can be compared to what was used in the time of Pharaohs with precious stones, light and flowers. Skin’Eclipse combines advanced technologies (electrophoresis, electroporation) with alternative medicine such as chromatherapy and lithotherapy.


Delivers brief electrical impulses which increase the permeability of the skin. It becomes more receptive to treatment.


Delivers ionised substances through the skin using direct current.


A skin treatment using colours, produced by LEDS.


Requires the use of crystals for harmonising purposes.

Wellness and luminous skin after the session; smooth after three to six sessions. No heating, no redness, no side effects.

Steps of a session



The device identifies a solution customised to the client’s profile according to the skin type, the phototype and the location of the pigment spots; especially face, neck, cleavage; or another part of the body.



This serum, which is rich in antioxidants and bitter almond extracts, will be applied to the skin with a brush, followed by the application of the gel mask which will penetrate effectively thanks to the device’s ionisation system. Skin is like a plant we nourish.



The alternation of red, orange and blue LEDs of the probe allows deep cell stimulation and production of collagen and elastin.
At the same time, the client enjoys a massage with the probe. Its polished quartz gives a relaxing and harmonising sensation when coming in contact with the skin.



At the end of the treatment a few minutes of deep relaxation will complete this moment of absolute bliss, for a flawless complexion, a beautiful skin!


You don’t have to suffer to be beautiful.

Take care of your skin


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